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    Product Features

  • 12, 8 and 6 inch (300mm, 200mm, 150mm) wide laminated wood panels
  • Machine laminated panel surfaces
  • Available to 18 feet (5512mm) high
  • Sound ratings from STC 38 to STC 50
  • Sound absorption ratings to NRC .70
  • Manual or electrical operation

Sonicwal® rigid panel acoustical folding partitions surfaced with wood grain or textured vinyl finishes cost no more than vinyl fabric accordion partitions, yet they deliver so much more. Clean, straight contemporary lines... strong, durable laminated panels that outlast ordinary partitions... a fabulous collection of affordable surface options including wood veneers, carved surface detailing, high pressure laminates and luxurious wall carpet... and the highest acoustical ratings of any accordion partition made.


Sonicwal/66® accordion partitions are offered with three laboratory certified sound transmission class ratings of STC 38, STC 42 and STC 44. And an optional noise reduction coefficient of N.R.C .70 is available on one or both sides of STC 42 rated models. To create quiet spaces, Sonicwal partitions employ exclusive patented hinging systems that acoustically decouple the panels on one face of the partition from those on the other face. This makes possible the structural, durability and appearance advantages of rigid laminated panels while achieving high sound isolation.


Panels are joined and edge sealed with Panelfold's unique dual-walled, lifetime Memory Action® vinyl hinges that acoustically dampen the panels and protect their edges from marring scrapes and blows. Top and bottom Sonicsweep seals, Ceilinguard head trim and deep nesting end posts with dual row vertical sound seals and positive latches all add to superior acoustical performance.


The natural look of genuine wood or the attitude of color and texture are the possibilities of Sonicwal models. Panels constructed of rugged high density particleboard are machine laminated with select wood veneers, high pressure decorative laminates and textured or wood grain vinyls. A soft statement with any of 40 contemporary contract interior colors can be achieved with Ribtex® Basic wall carpeting or Woventex® or Tek-Tall® 1000 panel fabrics. Custom orders of Customer's Own Materials or wood stained finishes are also available for special situations. Memory Action® vinyl hinges may be specified to harmonize or highlight the selected panel finish. End post trim and hardware in bronze or natural finish is standard.


Partitions operate smoothly and quietly along overhead structural aluminum tracks. Ball-bearing wheels support the partitions at every volute. Manual operation is standard with electrical operation as an option. Curved tracks, curved and crossover switches as well as two, three and four-way meeting posts are available for multiple room arrangements. Privacy and cylinder key lock security options cylinders keyed to the building's master key system are offered. Because of its design statement and performance, Panelfold partitions have become the product of choice, preferred over other comparably priced accordion partitions that offer so much less.

Available Colors/Patterns
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